Wine Tasting Spittoons from Waiter’s Friend

An indispensable tool for every wine tasting, the wine spittoon can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. From the unsightly to the beautiful, wine tasting spittoons have evolved over the years and here at Waiter’s Friend we’ve put together an unrivalled range.

From disposable floor standing spittoons to top of the range stainless steel spittoons, we’ve a style and a price to suit every budget.

Floor Standing Disposable Spittoon

Made from sturdy black cardboard, the disposable floor standing spittoon is a great solution for almost every occasion, from one-off small wine tastings, to weekly events. Easy to assemble and complete with heavy-duty black liner, the disposable wine spittoon looks smart without the price tag. The lid comes printed with ‘SPITTOON’ on every side, so there is no mistaking its purpose. Absorbent pillow also available at extra cost. Disposable Floor Standing Cardboard Wine Tasting Spittoon

Black 4 Litre Acrylic Spittoon

Budget-beating spittoon for the table-top. The 4 Litre Wine Spittoon can comfortably be shared among a group of people. Neat handles makes this an easy to carry solution that is simple to wash and store. The plastic spittoon is great for reuse and comes with a lid to hide the unsightly. Print with your logo from 180pcs.

Personal Mini Spittoon, 1.5 Litre

A lovely touch to wine tastings, give your guests a spittoon each to spit away in. With carry handle and lid, the 1.5 Litre Mini Wine Spittoon in black plastic adds theatre to a wine tasting. Washable and stackable, the personal spittoon can be used again and again. Personalise the mini spittoon with your logo from 180pcs.

Premium Table Top Spittoon, 2 Litre or 4 Litre

Made from top quality Italian stainless steel, the Premium Wine Spittoon adds a touch of luxury to the tasting room. Elegant, highly polished finish. Lid separates from base so spittoon can be popped into the dishwasher to clean. Available in 2 and 4 Litre size.

Wine Tasting Spittoons

Stainless Steel Floor Standing Spittoon, 10 Litres

A top-tasters tool, the stylish Floor Standing Wine Tasting Spittoon in high quality stainless steel is the definitive spittoon. With large capacity, we recommend the Stainless Steel Floor Standing Spittoon for busy tastings. Lid separates from the base making the spittoon easy to clean and store.

Floor standing Stainless Steel Spittoon

For further information and prices on our Spittoon range please email

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6 Bottle Wine Cooler Trolley from Waiter’s Friend

Introducing the brand new wine bottle travel solution designed and created by the Waiter’s Friend team.

The innovative cooler bag on wheels provides a hassle free solution for the busy wine professional. Gone are the days of backache and broken cardboard boxes – with the trolley cooler bag your bottles can be safely transported from cellar to sampler without mishap.

Carefully designed to fit 6 bottles, the wine bag with removable, padded bottle dividers keeps the bottles free from breakages and chilled during travel. The section for each bottle is large enough for champagnes and even has room to fit a cooler wrap for that extra bit of chilling. The insulated lid helps to maintain the temperature of the wine, eliminating accidents and keeping everything snug during transport.

The latest development in wine carry bags, the Waiter’s Friend Wine Trolley comes with handles and adjustable, removable padded shoulder strap for extra convenience and support.  Lightweight with twin easy-glide wheels, whether running for a tube, or chasing down a bus, the bottle cooler bag on wheels aids your efforts, while your wines keep their cool.

The wine carry bag features a telescopic aluminium 2-step handle with push button to glide wine bottles across the country. Suitable for all types of weather, the firm waterproof, base protects your wine from the elements.

The gusseted front pocket is great for carrying an iPad or tablet, sales literature and today’s paper. It also presents an ideal marketing opportunity – embroidery is available in fine detail on the front pocket from just 5 pcs. Smart branding on the bottle carry bag promotes corporate identity and enhances brand image.

Made from durable polyester, in professional Black, the portable bottle carrier is the wine professional’s best friend.

What the trade think:

“We have been hunting for something like this for years! I, for one, will find the Wine Trolley a lifesaver!” - Holly Bellingham, Sumaridge Estate Wines


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Printed Ice Buckets – the unspoken bespoke wine cooling revolution

Chilling in Style

Set up twenty years ago by Paul and Rosemary Fenner, The Waiter’s Friend Company has established itself as a master supplier of printed ice buckets and promotional wine coolers, with a range of custom printed buckets and bowls second to none. So, when it comes to seeking out a branded ice bucket or bowl that will make a strong advertising statement, right at the point of consumption, clearly these are the people to be talking to.

printed ice bucket, promotional wine buckets, branded ice bucket, custom-printed wine cooler

Promotional wine service accessories have long been recognised as a tactically cost-efficient advertising media for below-the-line promotion in the hospitality environment. But items such as branded wine coolers, buckets and bowls need a degree of design innovation that also combines form with function and recognises the knockabout demands that are placed on wine service accessories in today’s wet sales environments. Aspects of functionality such as handling, transport and stack-ability have been carefully thought through at the design stage, so you don’t have to.

For event catering and outdoor Summer sales venues, the requirements to chill, present and serve still and sparkling wines take on added significance. The only thing worse than a tepid glass of sauvignon blanc is sparkling wine or champagne that’s lost it cool. Understanding the temperature conductivity qualities of different types of materials suitable for wine service has been a key part of Waiter’s Friend success. But they have combined such technology competence with creativity and design flair born of long understanding of how to achieve sales success in drinks industry marketing.

And sometimes, for new brands, that success has to be preceded by regional trial and evaluation, before a national roll out can occur. So how to get a full advertising message printed on ice buckets, bowls and coolers, when only a small order quantity is feasible to start with? This is where Waiter’s Friend’s expertise really comes to the fore. Not only can they offer high visibility, full colour branding on ice buckets, coolers and bowls for national promotions, they also specialise in supporting your test marketing or tailor-made promotions, with small order print runs, utilising laser cut vinyl logos that can be custom cut to suit a label, house logo or strap line.

Printed Ice Buckets & Bowls, Embroidered Aprons

But Waiter’s Friend expertise doesn’t stop there. Differing brand profiles call for custom-printed wine accessories that can properly reflect back and enhance individual brand images. So, offering the widest range of both designer and off-the-shelf coolers, buckets and bowls in a plethora of materials and finishes, pays real dividends for the aspiring (and lets face it, often perspiring) brand manager.

Working closely with their European manufacturing partners, Waiter’s Friend have overseen the birthing and evolution of a whole range of manufacturing materials suitable for promotional ice buckets and wine bowls. So from traditional polished aluminium or steel finishes to the very latest cutting edge technology in scratch-resistant thermo polymers, Waiter’s Friend are able to offer the complete solution to successful wine service presentation and branding.

Printed Ice Bucket | Promotional Wine Bucket

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Victoria Azarenka models our professional printed bar aprons and embroidered sommelier aprons from Waiter’s Friend

The distinctive Sommelier Aprons and Waiter’s Aprons worn by the hospitality trades of today have their origins in protective working wear that can be traced back as far as the 12th Century, when they were worn, initially only by men. Traditionally always made from white linen, the word “apron” is a corruption of the French “naperon” the same word used today to describe a small tablecloth or napkin.

However it wasn’t until the 16th and 17th Century that distinctive coloured aprons began to be worn by tradesmen, denoting their occupations. Masons stuck to white, while butchers and porters wore green. Barber Surgeons opted for a still more distinctive checked pattern similar to the blue checked pattern popular for chef’s trousers today.

Chaucer’s saucy Miller’s Tale gives us possibly the earliest full description of the apron as an item of work wear, but it fell to Charles Dickens to establish the apron as de rigour for wine trade professionals with his wonderful description of the melancholic Cellarman Joey Ladle:

Head Cellarman of the cellars of Wilding and Co., Wine Merchants, and erst Head Cellarman of the cellars of Pebbleson Nephew.  The Joey Ladle in question.  A slow and ponderous man, of the drayman order of human architecture, dressed in a corrugated suit and bibbed apron, apparently a composite of door-mat and rhinoceros-hide”

Joey’s dour disposition he attributes to his occupation. For , as he explains:

“ it is all wery well for you that has been accustomed to take your wine into your systems by the conwivial channel of your throttles, to put a lively face upon it; but,’ I says, ’I have been accustomed to take my wine in at the pores of the skin, and, took that way, it acts different.  It acts depressing”

Thankfully with today’s wine service aprons we’ve moved on a tad from matted rhino hide, though the wine service apron is still seen as a badge of office and rite of passage, as well as offering practical protection in the workplace. In fact the variety in styles from knee length bistro aprons, to three quarter length bar aprons and the traditional full length Sommelier’s apron, covers a diversity of needs from within the modern hospitality industry. Contemporary materials too offer hard wearing easy-care solutions and a variety of cuts and colours, designed to compliment house liveries and corporate branding aspirations.

But whether your customers “takes their wine through their pores” or perhaps more conventionally via “conwivial channels”  wine still has to be cellared, stored and served as well as promoted. So what better place to create awareness for your brand than with an embroidered or customised presence on today’s work wear for wine service professionals. Waiter’s Friend sommelier aprons use the best quality materials with the least laundering hassle. From easy-iron mixed polycotton to 100% cotton materials, our wine aprons are custom-made to suit your style, allowing you to choose from printed aprons, embroidered aprons or full cover patterned aprons to promote your brand.

And a last thought, Waiter’s Friend professionally embroidered sommelier aprons can seriously enhance your winning prospects, as this video of Victoria Azarenka testifies. Sporting a Waiter’s Friend customised bartenders apron, Victoria shakes things up in the world of mock-tails and certainly knows how to mix-up her game as her recent win in the Olympics and Australian Open show. Now you know where she learnt those mixing skill…

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When a Champagne Stopper is also a Holy Rite

Despite a disastrous start to the growing season and a potentially low yield, the latest reports indicate that the current champagne harvest is set to produce some top vintages. Which is good news indeed. For who amongst us doesn’t enjoy dipping our proboscis into a glass or three of the sparkling stuff to inhale those ‘foaming swirls’ so beloved of King Edward V11. Or as Matt Crawford’s more outrageous Little Britain creations might say: “just call me Bubbles darling, Bubbles

Those exhilarating, tongue tickling bubbles, where would we be without them? Over 49 million bubbles in every bottle according to Scientist  Bill Lembeck. Though exactly how he counted them all is shrouded in as much secrecy as the number of Jeroboam’s it took to indulge Marylin Monroe’s when she shimmied into the ultimate champagne bubble bath.

Yet bubbles, or “bulles”, were not always as popular in our wines as you might have thought. Up until the latter half of the Seventeenth Century, the flat-and-that’s-that fraternity ruled viniculture. Red and only red was the only wine in town and the slightest hint of a frolicsome frizzante, would send any self-respecting medieval cellar master into fits of apoplexy.

Matters were even worse in those wineries “selected” by Royal appointment. These were almost always from ecclesiastical vineyards such as that at the Benedictine monastery of Hautvillers in the Champagne region of France, which in those days true to form produced strictly still red wines. That is until the little sparklers accidentally surfaced in the dim candle light of the Hautvillers vaults one day to the horror of the monastic brothers. Fearing for the loss of their Royal Warrant, they sought to eradicate these frolicsome offenders, less their presence in the royal chalice incur the serious displeasure of a capricious King Louis X1V and imperilled the very existence of the Abbey. Fortunately the good Brother Dom Perigon, whose deafness had relegated him to solitary cellar duty in the Abbey, failed to comprehend their protestations and the rest is history as he exclaimed: venez vite je bois les ėtoiles! A discovery that gained popular favour so quickly, that shortly after when the next Louis took to the throne, his mistress – Madame Pompadour remarked that the newly discovered sparkling wine from Hautvillers was “the only wine that enhances a women’s beauty

Uncork a bottle today, remove the champagne or sparkling wine closure and a good rush of bulles is of course de rigour as you unleash those 49 million bubbles. But therein lies a dichotomy, as researchers at the University of Reims have just discovered. Using proprietary champagne stoppers and closures on five different brands of champagne and an ultra high resolution mass spectrometer, they claim that the true essence, the true flavour of champagne, has little or nothing to do with the liquid wine itself!

In fact when it comes to sparkling wines one might render in vino veritas as in bullae veritas for as the French Scientists have uncovered, it is the famous bubbles in the mousse that deliver the flavour- up to 30 times more effectively than the liquid wine itself. Presumably by employing champagne sealers (it was not disclosed which type of champagne stoppers or sparkling wine sealers were used) they were able to show that the continual rising and collapsing of bubbles, allows for the steady and constant release of the key aroma compounds.

So to get the best from your bubbly a serious champagne stopper or fizz keeper is an essential wine tool and sealing the bottle in-between servings really will do much to enhance the enjoyment of a good bottle of fizz. Beware though the cheap Chinese wine stoppers with a flat rubber seals or rubber bungs. They do little or nothing to promote a good mousse and are generally shunned by the Champagne Houses. If you’re fortunate enough to get hold of one of their personalised champagne stoppers, you’ll notice the difference. There is a patented customised champagne sealer that is favoured as a branded stopper by the wine trade and features a patented sealing action that is popular with Sommelier’s and the trade alike. Also available to the cognoscenti, not as a branded stopper but in plain format at Buy Champagne Stoppers.

So when it comes to flavoursome sparkling wines and champagnes, stoppers and sealers are the order of the day. As for that rather deaf Benedictine in his solitary cellar for which we have so much to be thankful, truly his discovery was a holy rite that produced “a drink divine that makes us forget all our troubles, it’s made of a dollar’s worth of wine, and three dollars’ worth of bubbles.”

Paul Fenner

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The curious ‘tail’ of the advertising corkscrew and the dog biscuit.

Call me a bit of a wag, but I do like a tale with a twist.  So the story about the printed promotional corkscrew and the first patented dog biscuits, not to mention Cruft’s Dog Show and the X factor, might never have been told, if it hadn’t been for a dearth of thunderstorms in Cincinnati during the latter part of 19th Century.

It all began in 1870 when a young Joseph Westerby started out in life as an apprentice corkscrew maker with the Brookes and Crookes corkscrew factory in Sheffield. Westerby worked on some of the first specialist grooved worms and the development of engraving techniques for branding corkscrews, either with the name of recipients or with an advertising slogan, logo or brand message.

Just a few years earlier, there was a young lightening rod salesman by the name of Jack Spratt working in; yes you’ve guessed it, sunny thunderstorm-free Cincinnati. Now Mr Spratt’s order book was looking decidedly lean, rather too lean for his liking.  So he upped sticks and set off across the Atlantic to try his fortune in London.  Not with lightening conductors, or even you might have thought printed corkscrews, but of all things dog biscuits. In 1860 he had founded Spratt’s factory in Holborn and became the first industrial manufacturer of dog biscuits, or ‘meat fibrine dog cakes’ as one of his key employees responsible for developing the brand first called them. As the company became increasingly successful others tried to produce copycat dog cakes. So Jack Spratt decided he needed that extra something to protect his brand.  One day he was browsing through the company’s books when a came across a whole series of large “X”’s in the ledgers. His key employee used these to distinguish between trade and private clients, but for Spratt this was a Eureka moment.  “That’s it!” he’s though to have cried. “The eXtra factor”.  Something that will no doubt have Mr. Cowell reaching for his personaI bottle opener, but I’m afraid Mr. Spratt was way ahead of you. For ever since the brand “X” logo has appeared on Spratt’s products.

Ok that’s the patented dog biscuits out of the way, but what about printed corkscrews I hear you cry?  Well, Spratt’s wanted to advertise their brand to high wealth dog owners.  So what better segment of the market to target than the upper class hunting shooting fraternity, whose predilection for sumptuous picnic shooting parties were all the rage.  Not always having Charles the butler on hand to open the claret, mean that a handy corkscrew with a few other useful tools attached, was, so to speak just the biscuit.

So Spratt’s key employee, the one who had done all the brand X development work, got in touch with Joseph Westerby and had him produce one of the first promotional corkscrews, more properly a Waiter’s Friend type pocket bottle opener with “SPRATT’s DOG FOODS” and the soon-to-be- famous brand X stamped and engraved on the handle.  This early advertising corkscrew was a great success and much in demand amongst the landed gentry. As well as a worm for extracting corks and a very useful knife blade for taking the foil off wine bottles, and no doubt removing stones from horses’ hooves, it also featured an ingenious graduated device for extracting spent gun cartridges.  Features which the present day Waiter’s Friend Company, who specialise in the supply of all types of advertising and promotional corkscrews and printed bottle openers, are always pleased to discuss with customers looking to use a branded corkscrew to promote their brand name.  So, there you have it; the curious tale of the advertising corkscrew and the dog biscuit.  Who was Spratt’s key employee, the one who did all the work on their advertising corkscrew?  None other than Charles Cruft, founder of Cruft’s Dog Show.

Paul Fenner

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Printed DropStops from the UK’s exclusive distributor


DropStop® was invented in 1989 by Brian Vang, following an embarrassing incident with a bottle of red wine, a pristine white tablecloth, and a favourite aunt celebrating her 80th Birthday! To save Brian from the horror of ruining his aunt’s tablecloth again he came up with the idea of the DropStop: a foldable disc designed to slip into the neck of a bottle and ensure a smooth, drip-free pour.

How to use the DropStop®?

DropStop® fits into every wine bottle neck, due to its flexible design. Simply roll up the disk and pop into the neck of the bottle. Pour wine without spilling a drop. The DropStop is made from layered laminate (PET and aluminium) and is 100% food grade. So it doesn’t matter how many times you use the disc is remains completely safe. Use your DropStop for years to come. Keep clean by rinsing under hot water.

What is the DropStop® made from?

Produced from a multilayer consisting of polyester, polypropylene and aluminium, the DropStop is laminated to meet general food grade standards. Available in either Silver or now GOLD foil – find out more about the new gold DropStops here.

Can I print DropStop® with my logo or design?

Yes, printed DropStops are our speciality! In fact DropStop® is the first company in the world to be able to offer four colour laminated printing via a new process which ensures no contact between the printed inks on the circular drip free pouring discs and the alcohol in the bottle.

What is the minimum order quantity for printed DropStop®?

The minimum print quantity for the Drop Stop is 250pcs. We can produce printed DropStop with your logo in either Black or full colour CMYK. To buy plain DropStops please follow this link.

How long does it take to produce printed DropStop®?

The lead time to produce and deliver printed Drop Stops is from 5 to 21 days depending on the quantity and choice of packaging.

Where is the DropStop® manufactured?

Made in the EU to food grade requirements, the Drop Stop is produced exclusively in Denmark and protected by patents worldwide.

What are the packaging options for printed DropStop®?

We offer several different packaging options for the Drop Stop. From retail-friendly Euro hooks to on-bottle neck hanger promotions the DropStop has a packaging option to suit every need. For full details on printed DropStop packaging options follow the link.

Can DropStop® packaging be customised?

The majority of Drop Stop packaging can be printed with your logo as well in full digital CMYK colour, from as few as 250pcs.

How does artwork for the printed DropStop® need to be supplied and what if I don’t have artwork?

For digital print artwork is required in an EPS (vector) format. This could be as a PDF file, an AI file or other vectorised formats. If you don’t have a logo or artwork in a ready made file, don’t worry. Our in-house design team will be able to help you create the perfect logo for print.

How can I  order printed DropStops®?

If you are interested in having branded DropStops produced with your logo simply drop us an email or fill in the enquiry form and let us know how many you would like, how you would like the DropStop to be printed and your preferred packaging option.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Waiter’s Friend Team.

DropStop branded from Waiter's Friend

DropStop branded from Waiter’s Friend

Printed DropStop by Waiter's Friend

Printed DropStop by Waiter’s Friend

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Introducing the Murano Corkscrew

Introducing the all new Murano model 70 double lift corkscrew.

  • Great action – murano corkscrew has silky smooth double lift action with Teflon worm and self sharpening serrated blade.
  • Great prices – murano is an affordable waiter’s friend
  • Great design – comfortable compact shape with tactile two tone     soft  rubber grips. Patented 2 stage cork lift action.
  • Great colours – more choice than every before. Over 20 standard colour combinations plus funky new colour ways: luscious limes, perky pinks, terracotta, cool translucents.
  • Great lead time – 28 days from artwork approval.
  • Great quality – EC manufacture to our exacting QC standards.

Murano Corkscrew model 70. A great new cork puller at budget beating prices, exclusively from Waiter’s Friend®  –  Masters in the Art of Wine Accessories.

Murano Corkscrew from Waiter's Friend

The Murano Corkscrew from The Waiter’s Friend Company. Print corkscrew with your logo.

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Is your name being seen in all the right places?

Is your name being seen in…the right places?

If your name’s not seen in the right places, you should be talking to us.  Because at the Waiter’s Friend Company, we’ve got more ideas for promoting your name than anyone else.

And whilst we wouldn’t want to name drop, more and more wineries are turning to us for cost-effective Point of Sale that gets their names seen in the wine service environment.

So when it comes to getting your name in the right places, think of our name first of all.


Custom printed corkscrews from The Waiter's Friend Company

Custom printed corkscrews from The Waiter’s Friend Company.

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Does Glass shape influence taste?

The more dedicated wine glass manufacturers think so. That’s why they talk to wine makers and oenologists before bringing out a new design. But it’s something you can easily prove for yourself.Take out as many different glasses as you can lay your hands on. Tumblers, tulips, goblets, flutes, sherry, liquor; it doesn’t really matter other than to get four or five radically different shapes for comparison. Then pour the same wine into each. Give them a good swirl. Now sip away and you’ll think you are tasting and smelling four or five assorted wines!

So if different glass shapes affect the smell and taste of the same wine, should we have a dedicated glass shape for each and every varietal?  At least one glass supplier, Riedel, advocates something along these lines, marketing an array of different glasses at extravagant prices for just about every wine variety you can think of. That’s probably OTT and you’ll certainly pay an arm and a leg for the privilege of flaunting the Riedel brand, quite apart from the daunting prospect of where exactly you are supposed to

store all these different shapes and sizes.Don’t get me wrong. The right shaped glassware can showcase the nuances of wine, especially in a variety as subtle as, say, Pinot Noir. But while it may be a lot of fun to have a huge bowled Merlot glass, another for Cabernet Sauvignon and a third for Gamey, what ‘s the best glass for say Chianti,  which can be a blend of  Sangiovese, Canaiolo and maybe even Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon grapes?

Faced with just this dilemma the top Italian glassware manufacturer set out to create just four glass shapes, for red, white and sparkling wines, that would maximise the enjoyment of aroma and flavour across all the varietals. Series Hi-Taste Glassware challenges the preconception that says superlative glassware needs a proliferation of designer shapes and a premium price tag.

Series Hi-Taste new glassware range. Elegant affordable glassware.

As you will discover from your own glass test, open necked glasses like tumblers or tulip shapes with a flared rim wider than the bowl, produce the worst results. These sort of shapes allow the richness of the aromas to escape too quickly, flattening out the best of vintages. You need stems too, especially for white wines – nothing warms a wine faster than a hot clammy hand clasped around the bowl! Rims also should be lip friendly, rounded and well formed.

It was just these sort of practical consideration that the top-quality Italian winemakers brought to the task, influencing design. Hi-Taste glassware represents a break-through in modern automated blown glass technology, offering double the normal resistance to shocks. This has been achieved with the addition of Nesium™ a new wonder proprietary alloy, that gives these glasses core strength, elasticity and durability without compromising clarity. Withstanding intense usage and repeated dishwasher cycles, Hi-Taste glasses maintain their sparkling appearance consistently outperforming their contemporaries.

Do glass shapes affect wine taste? Undoubtedly. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy well made, well researched glasses that will truly enhance your enjoyment and pleasure of wine.

Maddie Fenner


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